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Welcome to MIRA Consulting

MIRA Consultants provide management services geared at helping CEO's and business owners build businesses. Position your company for growth, achievement, profitability, and success.  Call us today or use our convenient Service Request form.

Established January 1997
MIRA Consulting Duns Number #171902190


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We assist new and existing firms by developing business plans with financial projections to launch new ventures, determine what's necessary to grow to the next level, determine project feasibility (business startups), and identify ways to achieve business success. In essence, we help our clients avoid expensive lessons.  

MIRA Consulting also provides services in competitive research and analysis, market research and analysis, industry analysis, price trend analysis, and financial projections.

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Company History

MIRA Consulting is an acronym for Market Intelligence Research Associates. MIRA  helps clients (startups and growing companies) gain valuable intelligence data about their markets, the industry, growth factors, trends, competitors, and threats.  After devoting a number years in the private sector providing in-house business development, market research, and competitive intelligence services, Warren Gacsi (founder) prepared the MIRA Business Plan, formed MIRA Consulting, and launched in January, 1997.

MIRA has completed projects for over 100 clients with projects in Business Plan development, private placements (raising capital), marketing, market research, economic analysis, and competitive analysis/intelligence.  By December 1998, seven associates joined MIRA to create a powerful network of well-educated, highly skilled professionals.  In 2000, we added two more associates specializing in A/R Remediation and Project Management/Process Improvements.  In 2001, we added two additional affiliates in finance (new sources of capital for MIRA clients) and web development (eCommerce capabilities).  In September, 2001, we welcome aboard Arnie Bean, a seasoned grants and foundations specialist to address the needs of nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations.  November 2002, MIRA Consulting welcomes Linda Gacsi.  Linda specializes in supply chain, warehousing, and ecommerce.  She also manages our retail site, Steve's Gift Shoppe.  May 2003, Kevin Kellems joined MIRA Consulting as our grant writing and environmental reporting specialist.

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